Dartmouth Elementary

Before & After Care

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Rocky Mountain Kids believes that every child deserves a healthy environment to beactive and engaged. Our mission is to bring affordable care to parents and schoolswhile incorporating our four core principles of Leadership, Safety, Wellness andCommunity to those we serve. We believe children deserve great care and with ourcommitment to quality staff and industry relevant professional development our teamwill be prepared to offer exemplary services. Finally, we are committed to providing agespecific structured play with plenty of physical and creative options.At Rocky Mountain Kids we focus on the following areas during program hours: Physical DevelopmentRMK uses a variety of age appropriate supplies, games, and group activities to supportthe development of coordination, balance, and physical education. We facilitate groupgames, team building exercises, and individual sport opportunities for all children. Wealso provide a wide range of board games and structured play options. Moreover, wefocus on movement and mindfulness activities to help foster a culture of wellness andinclusivity. Additionally, RMK partners with several companies utilizing their curriculums,including Mindful Life, Spark, and Boks for Kids. Aesthetic DevelopmentRMK encourages creativity and free expression in all areas of programming. Webelieve that creative play helps raise self-esteem while refining motor skills anddeveloping team building skills. We use music, arts, crafts, creative play, and movementbased activities throughout our morning and afternoon programming. Academic DevelopmentAt RMK, our goal is to partner with the schools and families that we serve and supportthe curriculum that each school teaches and adheres too. RMK firmly believes inleaving the educational aspect to the school while RMK provides support andenrichment for the kids through brain stimulating activities as well as creative andstructured play. RMK believes in working with the administration to understand wherewe can support and enhance each child’s learning. RMK staff will be conducting dailyhomework and reading clubs to ensure homework time is being completed.